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Ear Infection Relief

This 11-month-old and his older brother suffered from recurring ear infections and fevers. Dr. Wilson diagnosed this child with misalignment  of the 1st and 2nd vertebrae of the neck. After 3 months of spinal adjustments, and no antibiotics, the child and his older brother no longer had ear infections or fevers.

This 26-month-old had suffered with recurring ear infections every 4 to 6 weeks. His prescribed antibiotics had begun to turn his teeth gray. After 2 1/2 months of spinal adjustments, and without antibiotics, the patient no longer had ear infections or fevers.

This 6-year-old suffered from recurring ear infection since birth. Discharge ran from his right ear after each bath or shower. Hearing loss in his right ear was about 90% due to these infections. After 12 spinal adjustments with Dr. Wilson, he had no more discharge or infections. His teachers were amazed that this child could hear again and could even sit towards the back of class.

This 17-month-old boy had recurring ear infection almost since birth. Pediatricians had prescribed various antibiotics, but his ear infections did not improve. The pediatrician was ready to  surgically install drain tubes in the child. His parents brought him to Dr. Wilson, who diagnosed severe misalignment of  the top 2 vertebra of the neck just below the skull. Within 4 weeks, and without antibiotics, the boy's ear infections were gone.

Considerable trauma occurs to the neck of a new born during some deliveries.  Twisting of the neck often results in misalignment to the upper neck during delivery. Delivery techniques can damage ligaments which are responsible for holding the spine in proper alignment.

Spinal misalignment will always decrease health. Improving spinal alignment will always improve health. It is very common that children can be treated with antibiotics for months and years, without ever curing the problem!
This web site features an article on the success of chiropractic treatment for ear infections in children.

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This site features comments from parents who experienced similar results with their own children's ear infections.

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