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Many people forget, or downplay, the significance that the spine is
directly to the brain, sending
messages of health to the body.

Migraine Relief

This 31 year old female suffered from severe migraine headaches from the time she was 14 years old. Several doctors had prescribed various pain killers and explained she would have to cope with the problem, which seemed to be hereditary. Dr. Wilson found she had a reversed cervical curve. The first and second bones of the neck (below the skull) were out of position and nearly immobile. Treatment required spinal adjustments 3 times a week, after only the second adjustment, the patient found relief. She has not had a migraine since!

This 7 year old boy suffered from migraines almost weekly since the age of 4. He would become nauseous and need to sleep. Dr. Wilson discovered he had sever misalignment subluxation of the upper two vertebrae of the neck. The patient received spinal adjustments and after the just first adjustment, his weekly migraines did not reappear for 4 months! With follow up care, the patient has experienced proper nerve function and improved blood vessel changes and migraine relief.

This 15 year old suffered migraines for 6 years, usually set off by prolonged sun exposure.  The pain was so intense he often vomited and cried. Dr. Wilson Found that the first 3 vertebrae of his neck were misaligned. After just 2 adjustments, the patient found relief.  After 6 years of suffering, his pain was gone.

In 1993 the American Lung Association reported 5,197 asthma related deaths in the United States.

Are medications the
best method to improve asthmatics health?

Vertebral arteries pass through the neck on their way to the brain. When the vertebrae stay misaligned, normal nerve function is disturbed and the blood flow through the vertebral arteries is restricted. This causes altered blood flow to the brain.  Nerve and vessel changes caused by improper spinal alignment of the neck can be corrected by chiropractic adjustments, which often relieve chronic migraine pain.

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